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Festival Of The Arts

08/24/2016 | Art, Cascade Locks, Event, Heritage, Troutdale, West Columbia River Gorge


The Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce and the Troutdale Arts Council has published a press release for the 2nd Annual Fall Festival Of The Arts, which will feature fine artists from around the Gorge region. Learn more about one of the incredible artists who has agreed to be a part of this wonderful festival, celebrating and encouraging artists within our beautiful Columbia River Gorge region.

Gary Fenske Chosen as Feature Artist at Fall Festival of the Arts

An artist is not a camera for someone elses mind. - Gary Fenske, 2016

PORTLAND, OR August 20, 2016 Internationally acclaimed artist Gary Fenske announced today that his series of fluorescing art murals, Illuminations of the Gorge, was chosen as the feature exhibit for the Fall Festival of the Arts in Troutdale, Oregon. Fenske is well known as the pioneer of luminism, a visual art style that uses light as a fine arts painting medium. His exhibit was chosen to complement the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Historic Columbia River Highway.

In the Showcase Pavilion, Fenskes exhibitIlluminations of the Gorgepresents a series of fluorescing murals depicting familiar sights and beloved attractions seen along the Historic Columbia River Highway. Each mural will contain two images. A daylight image with a scene from the gorge and an invisible imagepainted over the topthat can only be seen when illuminated with a black light. The juxtaposition of two images within one work gives each painting a truly mesmerizing duality.

A Dual Exhibit

Much like the paintings in Fenskes feature exhibit, the showing in Troutdale will contain more than his Gorge themed works. Also on display will be Life in Unexpected Placesa series of celestial murals he created for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry featuring unique locations where life could exist in the universe. The dates for this exclusive show are October 1 and 2, 2016.

This exhibit is a unique opportunity to see first-hand the wonders of luminism and meet the artist that started it all. He will be there to explain his techniques and sign autographs. The 2nd Annual Fall Festival of The Arts will be held on September 30th - October 2nd, 2016 at Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale, Oregon.

About Artist Gary Fenske:

Born in 1948, Fenske has been featured in many prestigious galleries around the world. His
full-time pursuit of the arts started in 1973. The first gallery solely dedicated to his luminous art opened in the mid 1990's in Nagoya, Japan. The second followed in Tokyo Ginza district. He was the first American artist to show his work at the Nagoya Shogun Castle and the first artist to place luminous paintings in the estate of a prince in Saudi Arabia.

Art filled his life even as a child. In 1958, at the age of 10, Fenske was first exposed to fluorescing luminous art at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Fenske was so drawn to this particular style that he has become internationally known as the pioneer of luminism. He dedicated his life to ensure that it did not become a lost art. Fenske calls luminism a Secret World because so few have been exposed to its beauty.

His work has graced the walls of the Parliament Building for the Speaker of the House in Victoria, Canada. "Night Visions" paintings are among the treasured pieces of art collected by President Bill Clinton and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. This magnificent exhibit, Illuminations of the Gorge, took over a year to complete and is now added to his list of great achievements.

Contact for information on the Gary Fenske or the Fall Festival of the Arts:

Cindy Passannante, Phone: 503-658-5646,

Gary Fenske acknowledges the generous support of the Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce and the Troutdale Arts Council for volunteering their efforts to beautify their community through their dedication to the arts.

Learn more about this festival and see the line up of events at:

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