How to Support Mt Hood from Afar

As we all try to learn how to navigate the world during this unprecedented time, many of us are attempting to find solace in the familiar, be it little bits of our day-to-day routine or favorite foods and other products that, until recently, we took for granted. Many of those comforts can still be ours thanks to our partners who offer online shopping

Most of your favorite businesses in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory have already offered online shopping, while others have enhanced their selections or even created a new presence. Wineries such as BuddhaKat in Sandy have their entire catalogue of creations available, so you can enjoy some unique Oregon wines no matter where you are. 

The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches is famous for being the best stop for all the gear you’ll need on a fishing excursion at one of the many rivers around Mt. Hood. While looking forward to your next trip, now is the perfect time to see just what tackle you’re a little light on and make some orders to stock up. Better to realize you’re short on that perfect fly now than when you’re standing in the river knee deep in fish waiting for you.

A lot of people have turned to gardening to fill their time at home; Red Hammer Forge in Boring can provide you with all the tools you need. Each one of the implements is handmade and is as much a work of art as it is something to work with.

Since caffeine is still a necessity, order beans from Mt. Hood Roasters, so you can still start each morning off right. They even offer everything you need to make the perfect cup, as well as the coffee itself. 

As we all band together (from a safe distance) to try to make it through these times, we can help ourselves by helping our favorite small businesses and try to bring a bit of normalcy back to our daily lives. For even more ways to experience Mt. Hood Territory from home, go here