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Winter in the Gorge is a Wonderland

01/04/2019 | Cascade Locks, Food, Hiking, Troutdale, Waterfalls, West Columbia River Gorge

Most people prefer hiking in the summer. With shorts on and the lure of a cool splash in the water, it’s a sunny weather standard. However, if you haven’t made a trek in snow pants and boots, you’re really missing out. 

Winter scenes that are normally only seen on holiday cards and the Hallmark Channel are in store for the traveler who is adventurous enough to embrace the chill and step outside in this season. The air is crisp and clean and trees are dusted in snow. Without the crowds of summer parking is also readily available. With the Historic Columbia River Highway re-opened from Troutdale all the way to Ainsworth State Park, all your favorite trails are waiting for you.

At this time of year the waterfalls are accompanied with impressive icicles and a frosty sheen, and the distinct sound of snow crunching beneath your feet is something you won’t find in the summertime. People who have made the journey to see waterfalls in the winter, return with stunning photos and awesome memories.

To warm up after your adventure, swing by Cascade Locks or Troutdale for an invigorating beverage. Come prepared with shoe tractions or ski poles, but don’t let the winter months bring you down. Let them bring you outside.

 Suggestions for hikes: 

Latourell Falls - 2.4 miles round trip

Bridal Veil Falls -.6 miles round trip

Angel’s Rest - 5 miles round trip

Wahkeena Falls - 2.8 miles round trip

Fairy Falls - 2.2 miles round trip

Multnomah Falls - 2/10 mile to bridge

Ponytail Falls (pictured) - 2.6 miles round trip

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