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The Last Leg of the Oregon Trail - The Barlow Road

08/13/2018 | Dufur, Heritage, Mt Hood Territory, Mt. Hood, The Dalles

The Oregon Trail was more than the video game many of us played when we were kids. It was one of history's most arduous journeys that began 175 years ago in Independence, Missouri. Thousands of families made their way across the US in search of the promised land, Oregon. The last leg of the trail, known as The Barlow Road, was arguably the most arduous section of the trail, but critical to traverse the section between The Dalles and Oregon City. 

Learn all about The Oregon Trail and The Barlow Road in Hear in the Gorge's recent podcast episode, "Oregon Trail Roadtrip."

Inspired to explore The Oregon Trail on your own? Here are some of our favorite stops along the way that you can visit:

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum: Home to numerous exhibits to help introduce visitors to the geology, flora, fauna, history, and economic development of the Gorge

Dufur and The Historic Balch Hotel: The Balch Hotel was built in 1907 by Charles P. Balch, a local rancher and druggist owning approximately 1,600 acres adjoining Dufur right along The Oregon Trail. 

Pioneer Woman's Grave: A 1-mile trail that follows the old historic Barlow Road. Here you will see a rock cairn memorial to the pioneer women who lost their lives on The Oregon Trail. 

Summit Meadow: This is a beautiful meadow in the middle of the forest where Oregon Trail pioneers would rest before the last (and very dangerous) leg of their journey.

The Barlow Tollgate: A replica of the Tollgate where pioneer wagons once had to pay $5 for access to the Barlow Road.

Pioneer Bridle Trail: Ride along the 8 miles of Pioneer Bridle Trail from Government Camp to Rhododendron, ending at the Tollgate wayside.

Mt. Hood Tiny Houses: Spend the night along the Barlow Road in a Tiny House in the middle of Mt. Hood National Forest. 

Philip Foster Farm: Great stop for kids and families.  They feature a hands-on experience of what life was like for the pioneers who forged one of Oregon’s most historic routes.

Or, try a car-free journey by bike along The Oregon Trail to the town of Dufur. 

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