Runcible Cider

East Gorge Food Trail boasts orchard-fresh ciders and farm-to-table dishes

With plenty of small town charm, delicious farm-to-table dining spots, and orchard-fresh cideries, the East Gorge Food Trail promises a multi-day adventure filled with fun from Mosier to The Dalles and Dufur, as well as at so many spots in between. This is the definition of local bounty: So many food items and drinks are sourced within a 150-mile range! Plus, you won’t want to miss the vista viewpoints of the Columbia River and some of Oregon’s best high-desert views of Mt. Hood.

You can polish your DIY skills on a self-guided tour. Curate your experience by choosing from more than 30 different wineries, cideries, historic farms and orchards, farm-to-table eateries, and markets, plus opportunities to experience local culture, soak in views, shop, and enjoy live music. Or, you can rely on the homegrown expertise of guides like MountNBarrel, Martin’s Gorge Tours, Sol Rides, and Gorge Adventure and Supply who can whisk you from farm, to orchard, to the best beverage and dining spots, and back all in a day. The East Gorge Food Trail has full listings to help you build your itinerary.

Tierra Del Lobos

A visit to Tierra Del Lobos Winery's tasting room is a great way to enjoy sips while savoring great conversations.

You won’t want to miss out on visiting Tierra Del Lobos Winery’s tasting room in The Dalles, whose outdoor patio boasts views of the Columbia River as well as The Dalles Dam. In Mosier, Runcible Cider’s specialty ciders are made from fruit harvested from more than 1,000 traditional cider trees, which creates a flavor profile packed with a perfect balance of tannins, acidity, and sweetness. It fits right in with Mosier’s “small but mighty” vibe.

This food trail has a seasonal flair, so be sure to time it with your favorite fruits - cherries and apricots in mid-July, peaches in July and August, apples from late-August to October, and pears from mid-August to mid-September. Make it a multi-day adventure with a reservation at the historic Balch Hotel in Dufur.