Multnomah Falls: How to plan your visit

Multnomah Falls, standing at 620ft tall is arguably Oregon's most visited landmarks. Locals and visitors flock to it's towering beauty year round to admire the cascading water, enjoy lunch at Multnomah Falls Lodge, or they use it as a starting point for a hike in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. 

However, because of the popularity of Multnomah Falls, access to the site requires some planning to make for a stress free experience. Below are your options for planning your next visit to Multnomah Falls: 

If you are looking to access other waterfalls in the Waterfall Corridor, like Wahkeena and Horsetail Falls, you might also need a Waterfall Corridor permit as well. More details can be found here: Waterfall Corridor Permits.

Option 1: Make an advance reservation
Due to the limited parking capacity at Multnomah Falls, timed entry permits are required if you arrive in your own vehicle. Permits are available up to 14 days in advance. Reservations cost $2 per ticket. Visitors should access Multnomah Falls and the Historic Lodge from the Interstate 84 parking lot at Exit 31. Stopping in front of the Lodge on the Historic Columbia River Highway is not permitted.
Reserve Permits
Option 2: Take a shuttle
Are permit reservations already full? Don't want to deal with trying to find parking? Another way to access Multnomah Falls is via one of the shuttle systems in the Gorge. There are two hop-on, hop-off shuttles to choose from, Sasquatch Shuttle and Gray Line's Open Air Waterfall Trolley. Or, you can take the Columbia Gorge Express which stops in Portland, at Multnomah Falls, in Cascade Locks, and in Hood River. Advanced reservations to Multnomah Falls are not required if you arrive via one of the shuttles.
Book A Shuttle

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